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PokéRev Pack 4.0 (5 Booster Packs + 1 Mega Bonus Pack)

PokéRev Pack 4.0 (5 Booster Packs + 1 Mega Bonus Pack)

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PokéRev 4.0 Packs are officially here! The #1 most popular product has just been upgraded and is better than ever! The 4.0 builds off of the 3.0 and adds even more types of old school vintage packs. PokéRev Packs are the gold standard and the original that started it all.

Hunt for rare Pokemon booster packs that span across every generation of Pokemon cards over the last 25+ years! 4.0 adds a few new options such as the chance at pulling vintage Japanese Pokemon packs from gold tier (which have even better odds at holo pulls), Scarlet & Violets entire series is now a possibility to be pulled from green tier, Silver tier is even better than ever, & Scarlet & Violet series has also been added as a possibility in the standard 5 pack line up.

Each PokéRev Pack contains 5 random Sword & Shield and or Scarlet & Violet booster packs + a Bonus Mega Pack. The mega pack pull rates are listed below.

1:25 Gold - Wizards of The Coast, Diamond & Pearl, Heart Gold Soul Silver, or Platinum Pack

1:10 Silver - Black & White Pack

1:5 Red - XY or Sun & Moon Pack

Minimum Guarantee Green - Sword & Shield Era Pack

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