Scarlet & Violert Next English Set - Paldea Evolved!

Scarlet & Violert Next English Set - Paldea Evolved!

It's now reveal June’s English set will be named Scarlet & Violet: Paldea Evolved. The set logo hasn’t been revealed yet.

This is the first time a main series region has been part of an English set name. The name probably references the fact the set will feature the Paldea Starter Evolutions as Pokemon ex.

As we reported before, the set will release in English on June 9th. Prereleases will take place from May 27th to June 4th.

Paldea Evolved should be comprised of cards from Japan’s Triplet Beat and Clay Burst & Snow Hazard. Triplet Beat releases on March 10th in Japan. Clay Burst & Snow Hazard release on April 14th; they haven’t been revealed yet.

We normally get a May set, so a June release means the set schedule has shifted once again. Our first Scarlet & Violet set was shifted from February to March 31st (presumably because of Crown Zenith‘s special release). Shifting Paldea Evolved from May to June 9th allows there to be 2.5 months between the first and second Scarlet & Violet sets. Although speculation, it would then make sense for SV3 to release 2.5 months later at the usual time in August, thus putting us back on track with our normal set schedule (February / May / August / November).


All 142 regular cards from SV2P Snow Hazard & SV2D Clay Burst have just been revealed by Pokemon! Both sets will release in Japan on Friday, April 14th.

Most of the cards from Triplet Beat and Snow Hazard & Clay Burst will combine to form our Paldea Evolved set on June 9th. However, we already know around 30 cards will be cut. This includes Annihilape ex and possibly the regular prints of Chien-Pao ex and Tinkaton ex. They will be featured in their own English products.

This set marks the first appearance of Dragon-type Pokemon in the Scarlet & Violet block. They no longer have the “nail scratch” in the top right corner of the card template or the Dragon symbol in the background. They now look like every other type.


‘Snow Hazard’ Main Set Cards

‘Snow Hazard’ Secret Rares (Partial)


‘Clay Burst’ Main Set Cards

‘Clay Burst’ Secret Rares (Partial)


The full art print of Ting-Lu ex and the Illustration Rare print of Heracross from SV2D Clay Burst were revealed!


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