Scarlet & Violer - Temporal Forces Set Officially Revealed to Release in March!

Scarlet & Violer - Temporal Forces Set Officially Revealed to Release in March!

The Pokemon Company International has officially revealed Temporal Forces, our fifth Scarlet & Violet set! We first learned of the set in November. It will re-introduce ACE SPEC cards to the TCG.

Temporal Forces will release on March 22nd. Prereleases will take place from March 9th to 17th.

The set will feature:

  • Over 160 cards
  • Six ACE SPEC Trainers and one ACE SPEC Special Energy
  • 13 Pokémon ex and two Tera Pokémon ex
  • 22 illustration rare Pokémon
  • 10 special illustration rare Pokémon and Supporter cards
  • Six hyper rare gold etched cards
  • More new Ancient and Future Pokémon

The set description reads as follows:

The ranks of Ancient and Future Pokémon continue to grow! Walking Wake ex breaks free of the past alongside Raging Bolt ex, while Iron Leaves ex delivers high-tech justice with Iron Crown ex. Outside Area Zero, Wugtrio and Farigiraf shift types as Tera Pokémon ex, and Pokémon Trainers everywhere prepare for the return of ACE SPEC cards with uniquely powerful effects. A rupture in time brings wild beasts and cyber visions to battle in the Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet—Temporal Forces expansion!


This is the first time we’re hearing of Wugtrio ex and Farigiraf ex. They have not been revealed in Japan yet.

So far Prime Catcher, Master Ball, Neo Upper Energy, and Hero’s Cape have been revealed in Japan. This means there are still three ACE SPEC cards to be revealed. ACE SPEC are powerful cards that are limited to only one of any per deck.

Based on the number of cards and Pokemon ex in the set description, it does not appear our set will feature cards from Crimson Haze. The set hasn’t been announced for Japan yet, but we know it will feature Pokemon from The Teal Mask.

In the past we would normally get a new set in February, but the release of January’s special Paldean Fates means SV5 has been pushed to March. However, we should be back on schedule with May’s SV6 set.

As indicated above, Temporal Forces will be based on Japan’s Wild Force & Cyber Judge, which are dual sets releasing on January 26th. They will be accompanied by two “Starter Deck & Build Sets” featuring a new Koraidon ex (Ancient) and Miraidon ex (Future), which will also be incorporated into our set.

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